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At Birchwood, students and staff strive to embody the IB Learner Profile, which is a set of ten attributes aimed to develop learners who are:


Principled Communicator Balanced Caring Open-Minded
Thinker Inquirer Courageous/Risk-taker Reflective Knowledgeable


Each month at Birchwood, the entire school focuses on one of the attributes of the learner profile. Below are some examples of the IB learner profile in action at Birchwood:



At our weekly assemblies, students have the opportunity to share a variety of ways that they demonstrate the monthly attribute at school and at home. This includes skits, student-led Q&As, videos, stories and more.

Literature & Resources

Each month, our library displays a collection of books that support the current learner attribute. Students and teachers have access to these books for classroom and home use. Click each attribute below for a collection of supporting texts and resources available in our library.

Principled (September)

Communicator (October)

Balanced (November)

Caring (December)

Open-Minded (January)

Thinker (February)

Inquirer (March)

Courageous / Risk-taker (April)

Reflective (May)

Knowledgeable (June)