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Information Literacy – Search sites for research based projects.

Big 6

Super 3

Copyright Kids!

Learn How to Research – plan/research/create/present

Web site evaluation criteria

Web Site check list for teachers

Site Evaluation

You decide which sites are hoaxes or legitimate

Citation Sites- Learn how to cite your sources

Bibliographic explanation-what is a bibliography and how do I cite my sources for different materials?

Examples of different bibliographies– magazines, encyclopedias, books, URL’s etc.

Citing Sources– more examples of proper bibliographic notations

KidBIB– easy fill in the blank bibliographical templates for books, magazines, encyclopedias, websites etc.

Grade Level Research

Mini-research Investigations

The following mini Online Research Investigations can be used to teach students how to use the Research Cycle by focusing in on the skills and thinking involved in one particular element of the cycle.

How are laws made in the State of Washington

What would a Mount St. Helens eruption look like?

Which book should I read next?

How did geography and environment influence the Salish culture?

A Day in the life of the President of the United States

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. What did his protests have in common?

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Bellingham Public Schools – Online Research Projects

3rd Grade

Uncle Cyrus Needs a Job! – a research project on Bellingham’s history.

Seashore Decision – how are animals and their environment connected?

Where will you live? – how does environment influence culture?

4th Grade

Mt. Baker Safety Team – How will you plan to protect life and property in the event of a Mt. Baker eruption? USGS Mt. Baker Information

Road Trip Through Washington – an online research investigation for fourth graders exploring the regions of Washington State.

Vacation Washington – Alternate Roadtrip Through Washington Investigation using a modified task. See Teacher notes for details.

5th Grade

Where Would You Settle? – an online research investigation for fifth graders about Colonial America.

Time Traveler: Ancient Americas – Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise take students to an ancient American civilization of their choice.

Roller Coasters! – 5th graders, use this link to practice your skills in Gathering Information.

For Mountain School research- 5th grade-North Cascades National Park – use the Nature & Science link on the left side of the page to read about animals in the park.

Resources for research:   unblocked searchable sites for kids

Google– safe search for kids!


ProQuest and E-Library

Culture Grams

Kids Click!

Ask Jeeves for Kids


Project Resources

World Book Online – Early World of Learning

World Book Online – Kids

World Book Online – Student

Note: for World Book resources, username = bellingham, password=bellingham

Pics 4 Learningappropriate gallery of pictures that are copyright friendly for students to use for research

Bellingham Public Library