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As Birchwood Elementary, we incorporate the Essential Elements of the IB PYP into student learning experiences. This includes the development of a strong set of skills called the Approaches to Learning. These skills are developed over time and are addressed at each grade level in an age-appropriate manner.  

Communication Skills Self-Management Skills Thinking Skills Research Skills Social Skills
Listening Gross Motor Skills Acquisition of Knowledge Formulating Questions Accepting Responsibility
Speaking Fine Motor Skills Comprehension Observing Group Decision Making
Reading Spatial Awareness Application Planning Adopting a Variety of Group Roles
Writing Organization Analysis Collecting Data Respecting Others
Viewing Time Management Evaluation Recording Data Cooperating
Presenting Safety Dialectical Thought Organizing Data Resolving Conflict
Non-Verbal Communication Healthy Lifestyle Metacognition Interpreting Data
Codes of Behavior Presenting Research Findings

Making the PYP Happen, 2009