District moves to Stages 2 and 3 of Reconnect Plan
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The Learner Profile is a cornerstone of the  IB program. Our goal is for our students to learn to be “internationally-minded” and the profile is how that term is defined. We want our students to be:

  • Principled—we do the right thing even when no one is looking
  • Communicators—we share and receive ideas and information in more than one language (our chosen world language is Spanish)
  • Balanced—we understand the importance of balancing work and play in our lives and taking good care of our minds and bodies
  • Caring—we show empathy, compassion and respect and seek to make a difference in the world around us
  • Open Minded—we appreciate our own culture and that of others and listen to other points of view
  • Thinkers—we use critical and creative thinking skills to become problem-solvers
  • Inquirers—we are curious about our world, learn independently and are enthusiastic about learning
  • Reflective—we think about our learning and what we can do to become better learners
  • Courageous/ Risk-Takers—we are not afraid to try new things, even if we’re unsure
  • Knowlegeable—we explore our understanding across a broad range of subject areas and engage with issues and ideas that have global significance

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